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Angela vegan mango butter for Naturalia {Monday surprise}

For the surprise of Monday, this week, I take you to a beautiful haven of peace, cradle of healthy food prepared by a beautiful and radiant blonde young woman.

If you’re a fan of healthy food, you’ve probably heard about Angèle’s Guinguette d’Angèle, a pretty chef and naturopath, or criss-crossed her deliciously green gluten-free recipe book on your bookstore’s shelves. If you are Parisian you could even taste its small takeaway it sells in its shop or at events like the festival We Love Green where I was last weekend.

You can imagine that I was already appreciative of Angèle and her healthy and gluten-free cooking before meeting her and now that I had the pleasure of meeting her, I became an official member of her fan club ! Its motto ” To eat healthy and with pleasure contributes to happiness! Speak to me totally!

. On the occasion of the recipes she created for Naturalia , I met her at home in her kitchen and garden (in Paris, it leaves dreamer!) . I will take you to the end of this post in pictures, you will easily understand why I cracked. Is it because she lives in a bright house decorated as in the countryside between wicker baskets and straw hats, with a flower garden where lounges a cat and that the calm that reigns makes us forget the city yet at the same time. at the other end of the courtyard, how wide is this smile, this accessibility and this serenity? It feels quickly Angèle no fuss, no “big head” despite his success and a young physique first.
Between her pleasure to exchange and share with us around healthy recipes, the sweetness of the place and the sun that accompanied us, I spent an afternoon in the form of an enchanted and rejuvenating parenthesis and I immediately told myself that is exactly what I would like to share with you for one of our Monday surprises!

Among the healthy, delicious and environmentally friendly recipes Angela created for Naturalia, some were not unknown to me and for good reason! You have already read here the famous chocolate mousse without egg white ! It’s quite simple all the recipes made me an eye, I want to make them all and enjoy them! And I’m sure you too, they’ll make you crack!

From the 14th of June, you will find them in videos on the site of Naturalia then in the free magazines in case of the Naturalia closest to you!

The recipe that intrigued me the most and that I just wanted to go back home is the mango butter!

Coconut butter mango

Made from coconut oil, this fruit butter advantageously replaces butter on slices of bread. Of course it has a slightly sweet taste and that’s why I think it’s a perfect breakfast idea because it’s the time of the day when it is recommended to eat fat. Of course we are talking about healthy fat. Coconut oil is a saturated fatty acid with healthy properties. . We need 25% of our daily energy intake of lipids (with 60% for saturated monohydrates such as olive oil and 15% for polyunsaturates, the famous omega 3 and 6) . Adherence to this balance increases HDL (“good”) cholesterol and lowers LDL (“bad” cholesterol) levels.
et la viande grasse (comme l’agneau par exemple qui est la plus grasse des viandes) . It is therefore recommended on days when one consumes coconut oil to be careful with its addition of saturated fatty acids and therefore to avoid saturated fats such as “dairy” butter in cooking (personally I do not use more cooked at all) and fat meat (such as lamb for example which is the fatest meat) .

et une propriété de satiété forte elle est un précieux allié healthy ! Rich in fiber, with a glycemic index riquiqui (so no peak blood sugar) and a property of satiety strong she is a valuable healthy ally! . Tasted on a slice of bread Belledonne for example , it gives a delicious snack and very satisfying (I tested for you!) .

In addition, and especially I would like to say, this butter is a real delight!

Angela vegan mousseAngela’s vegan chocolate mousse that I decorated with the famous flowers she loves so much!

  1. Melt the coconut oil over low heat. Meanwhile, peel the mango and cut into pieces.

    Grate the lime.

  2. Mix the mango and lemon peel and add the coconut oil.

  3. Pour into small ramekins or small plastic boxes. Let cool before placing in the refrigerator.

    Serve within 2 days.

    * I buy my ingredients online on the site of Kazidomi which offers reductions of -20 to -50% on all healthy groceries and also cosmetics, cleaning products and baby, on annual subscription. With the code ABOCRO20, I offer you a discount of -20 €.

    More information here

1 paring knife
1 cutting board
1 robot-cut or a powerful Magimix blender
1 saucepan
1 kitchen scale
Small ramekins or small boxes in hermetic plastic type Tupperware

That’s for sure, I’ll test Angèle’s other recipes for Naturalia! You can find them in the magazine available in cash at Naturalia and if you like recipes video tutorial, you will enjoy!

! As promised, I take you to Angela’s house, from where I did not want to leave !

Shelf of Angèle

Garden of Angela

Angèle's house

Angèle's house

AngèleThis is read on his face and speaks better than all the long speeches: cooking and eating healthy makes you happy!