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Asparagus Salsa with avocado tutti verde

One of my favorite spring vegetables seems it does not fantasize crowds: it is asparagus!

And yet it is a shame, because not only the asparagus is delicious but in addition it is rich in fiber and antioxidant. So a health ally and flat belly prominent!

It plays a useful role in the spring thanks to its moderate glycemic index and diuretic properties that contribute to the healthy season detox. It provides vitamins C and B9 and folic acid which recognize the preventive virtues of cardiovascular diseases, some cancers and play an important role in the proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

So we all jump on the green asparagus, as it is present on our shelves to be good hair and good foot!

Me I enjoy it served with a green sauce with avocado for a tutti verde entrance!


In addition, these asparagus, I steamed soft thanks to the Vitalizer Marion I have intense joy and chance to test recently *.

If you do not know what it is,

If you also like asparagus, you will also enjoy with my” sandwiches fresh and vitaminized>

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