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Cake salé bi-goût tomate-épinard à la vapeur douce

{Lactose free recipe and low GI}

Do you know that there is a season to enjoy the salty cake? Yes, yes, a season! That of picnics, dinner aperitifs and big tables with friends! And it starts as soon as the sun comes out and there is a lawn / garden / family / buddies on the horizon!
But hey, if you want to eat a salty cake in winter by the fire, we will not throw you the stone, promised!

The pretty colors of the salty cake of

In addition to sweet steaming, I slightly modified the initial recipe of Biodélices, my sauce including to reduce the glycemic index.

For that I chose a spelled flour T110 which has a moderate GI at 65 and a

This salty cake is childishly simple to make and its pretty colors will stir up the taste buds!
For my part I tasted it with a tomato coulis that married very well with all!

Cake salted tomato & spinach without lactose

20 min Preparation time 20 min

30 min Cooking time 30 min

50 min Total time 50 min

4 Servings: 4

  • Wash and wipe the spinach before frying in a pan with a CS olive oil for a few minutes until reduced. Finely mix the spinach cooked in a robot-cutter. Beat the eggs in omelette. Mix flour and yeast together and add to beaten eggs, mixing to obtain a homogeneous appliance. Add the remaining olive oil. parts égales. Weigh and then separate the dough into 2 equal parts. Pour each half in a separate salad bowl. In the first bowl, pour the spinach and mix well with the dough. Do the same with the tomato paste in the second half of the pasta.Pour the water at the bottom of the Vitaliseur bowl and start to heat.Oil the sides of the cake mold and alternately pour green and red pasta layers until you empty all 2 bowls. Place the cake tin in the Vitaliseur basket and cook for 30 minutes. Wait for the complete cooling to unmold. Enjoy with tomato coulis.

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