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Green pancakes for a green vegan and gluten-free candle

Usually at the Candlemas, I prepare you a crepe sweet party! Based on one of the blog’s most-visited vegan” chantilly filling> or
Because pancakes, it can also be salty, the morning for example, for an alkaline breakfast to perfection!

And that it can also constitute the base of a snack or sandwich without gluten, very practical and especially very good and digestible!

green candlemas

In any case, these green pancakes personally I have eaten at any time of the day. I found them satiating and light to digest!

They did not last long! As they are quick to prepare, I realize the device in advance. I keep it in an airtight container in the refrigerator and so I can make myself fresh every morning … lunch … nights! Ooops, would I be the victim of a green candlemas addiction?

green candlemas

Promised, you will not be transformed into Hulk or Schreck with this green candlemas! On the contrary, these alkaline pancakes want you the greatest good to you and to your health!

So, go! Make me skip those greens pancakes !!

Crepe party green, vegan and gluten free

15 min Preparation time 15 min

6 Servings: 6

  • Wash and dry the spinach leaves and fresh herbs. Mix in the blender with 1/2 glass of mustard water and the pinch of superfood of your choice. Reserve this green shot.Caution: if you opt for spirulina or chlorella powder your pancake could turn more blue than green! Mix the flour and yeast. Add a pinch of salt.In a saucepan, gently heat the vegetable milk to warm it just 2-3 minutes.Heat slightly the coconut oil so that it is liquid.To pour the warm milk into the bowl or bowl of pastry robot.Add the coconut oil in the milk and then gradually the flour while mixing with the pastry cookie sheet (or if not with a whisk) .Add the green shot and mix well to obtain a smooth texture. dough in the refrigerator minimum 1h. If it solidifies, you can mix it and possibly add some water.Heat the oil in the pan (the pan should be hot). Take a ladle of dough, bake double-sided.Taste hot or cold, alone or garnished with avocado for example.

Bowl and whisk or robot-baker
Crepe stove
Kitchen scale

green chandeleur