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My summer crupotes

Crupotes, but yes of course! It’s getting better here! And why not crufitures, as long as we are there!

And yes indeed, crupotes or crufitures it exists, yes! I invent neither the term nor the concept! It is one of the favorite recipes of the followers of the raw and paleo cuisine! The benefits are such on my digestive system when I adopt this diet that I am currently testing more and more raw revenue. Especially since eating raw is not gorging on grated carrots from morning to evening, it is much more varied and wide than that in the modes of preparation. We sometimes even feel like eating a “cooked” food!

Watch the crupotes is the raw version and just as delicious of the compote, but more interesting from a nutritional point of view!

In addition they are so simple and fast to prepare these crupotes! To decline with the envy with all the fruits which you like! As the fruits are not cooked we take advantage of all their vitamins and nutrients, in addition to the fibers! It’s bomb I tell you!

Free to perfume with a spice or aroma according to your tastes and marriages of favorite flavors. Me for example, I love the association

In this series of crupotes, I wanted to try cooking (or should I say “crusiner”?) With Zespri, this yellow kiwi, sweeter, sweeter and less acidic than the green kiwi. The result is very pleasant in the mouth. As it is a very sweet fruit, we do not add sugar for this crupote. This is the very principle of living food, to cook food as naturally as possible.

To give consistency to my crupotes I used seeds of chia or flax very finely ground coffee” . i bought mine for first cabot cure> and largely profitable since!

Rich in omega 3 and 6 and in fiber, ground flaxseed (the only way to enjoy their benefits) act on the immune system, promote the lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure. Their mucilage effect (swells on contact with a liquid) is useful in preparations and cooking as here to give “matter” and consistency to my crupotes (otherwise we get a simple fruit coulis).

For chia seeds, they are also full of virtues: rich in omega 3 and 6 and in soluble fiber, they contain 23% of proteins (these famous vegetal proteins which one needs

  1. Wash and wipe the strawberries and apricots. Stir the strawberries, pit the apricots. Peel the zespri.

    Grind the flaxseed or chia seeds at the seed or coffee grinder, as thin as possible.

    Cut the fruit into large pieces and mix individually with the aroma and ground flaxseed and chia seeds.

    If the fruits are not ripe enough add 1 CS of Dolcedi or agave syrup.

    Refrigerate 1 hour before eating.

    Serve on your favorite bread or simply with a spoon for breakfast or afternoon tea, these summer crupotes will also make a sweet and fresh dessert, simple and easy to prepare.

    They can be stored for 3 days.