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Non-alcoholic cocktail with melon, cucumber and mint {Cool Summer}

In the series “but what is it wood Doudou say so? mais cette trublione de l’apéro que j’ai nommé Miss Cocktail ! I invited today not the deceased and happy Carlos – known more for his Hawaiian shirts than for his mother precursor of an educational approach respectful of children – but this trublione of the aperitif that I named Miss Cocktail! You know, the party can be crazy even with a cocktail without alcohol, yes, yes!

This idea may seem downright subversive in this summer period of conviviality crowned by alcoholic aperitifs every time we meet friends …. what can be every night … if not also every lunch after the market at the café terrace of the pretty village where you spend your holidays.

, j’opte pour des versions dites soft pour trinquer sans m’alcooliser plus que de raison ! Since I do not want to finish the summer with a liver stuffed with alcohol (besides alcohol is sugar, so to consume also in moderation that it is for the health or the small bead which out of shorts, hum-hum …) , I opt for so-called soft versions to drink without alcohol more than reason!

cocktail without alcohol

cocktail without alcohol

My alcohol-free cocktail will also delight all pregnant women! And if you really insist, lengthen your cocktail with a crémant or other Champagne method instead of sparkling water (as long as it is in moderation).

cocktail without alcohol

Non-alcoholic cocktail with melon, cucumber and mint

5 min Preparation time 5 min

4 Servings: 4

  • Wash and cut the melon in length and then in pieces. Seed the cucumber.Epepinate the watermelon and cut the flesh into pieces.Place in the cucumber blender, watermelon, mint and Dolcedi.Mixer the whole thing. Lengthen sparkling water. Add the ice cubes, a straw and enjoy your cocktail without alcohol!

Cutting board
Paring knife

cocktail without alcohol

For other non-alcoholic beverages, Miss Coktail also offers you a” melonade> !

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