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Organic praline spread {homemade in 2 spoonfuls}

I’m 10 years old, I know it’s not true but I’m 10 years old! Let me dream that I’m 10 years old! If you do not believe me, you’re going to have fun at recess!

Each school year is the same thing, I have pictures and memories of those moments that, as every 1st and 1st time, mark us.
It is especially this feeling of renewal, of a blank page mingled with curiosity, a touch of apprehension and this great leap into the unknown that forces this letting go that makes room for the other, the meeting and new adventures!
What I like in the fall, it is precisely this jump and renewal, these desires to achieve and all these mornings to live!

pour bien m’organiser et moi aussi attaquer un nouveau cycle et vivre des nouvelles aventures ! No nostalgia to make me 2 quilts and slip white socks in my Kickers, I reassure you, but still I admit, a little regressive pleasure by offering me new notebook, pens and post-it pretty nice reports of holidays (plus it’s a little summer that will follow me to work!) to organize myself well and I also attack a new cycle and live new adventures! Ben, what I too have the right to my new toys back to school!

Just before jumping up and down in the puddle of work, I offer you a delicious regressive trip based on chocolate and hazelnuts with this homemade organic spread!


Because I wanted to offer you a gourmet, healthy and sweet back, without palm oil or too much sugar and there is no age to prepare a chocolate snack! This is surely the best way to always be 10 years old!


This spread is super simple and quick to prepare thanks to its magic ingredient: chocolate pastry chef praline black 57% Belledonne. To my knowledge it is the only one of its kind. This is a boon for lovers of hazelnuts and praline to prepare gourmet desserts and healthier! Personally I am a big fan of praliné and hazelnuts, so having finally a praline to bake organic, delights me with gluttony!

Organic praline spread

10 min Preparation time 10 min

7 min Cooking time 7 min

17 min Total time 17 min

4 Servings: 4

  • Melt the chocolate cut into pieces in the saucepan over low heat.Add all the other ingredients one by one and whisk the mixture off the heat until you obtain a smooth texture. Spread the spread in the jars.Store the jars 10 days in the refrigerator (if you can keep it as long without eating anything on the cake!) to solidify it. Rest more liquid at room temperature.

Kitchen scale
Hand whip

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