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Pumpkin Latte Vegan pour un automne doux et épicé

Pumpkin Latte is a drink that has been on my fall “to-eat / drink-list” for a very long time! For me necessarily in dairy-free version (and therefore vegan) whether for the drink, the cream and the caramel, to preserve my microbiota, my digestion and my immunity!

Especially now that we have entered the autumn and the rainy days are back. This is the perfect time to stimulate and take care of our immunity, while feasting of course! You know me now: we do good inside only by savoring!

Pumpkin Latte vegan

To rhyme health and gluttony and not get bogged down by the bad weather and gray days, this Pumpkin Latte vegan had on me the most comforting and invigorating effect!

Pumpkin Latte vegan

It is true that whipped cream and caramel coulis contribute greatly!
You see the spoon that dives into the whipped cream at the same time as the straw that sucks the pumpkin latte ?! A festival of sweetness, scent and strength at the same time, thanks to spices!

pumpkin latte

Indeed, what is especially magical in this recipe are the spices (here cinnamon and

Pumpkin Latte vegan
If in addition it is good to boost its resistance to cold and humidity, treat yourself!

Pumpkin Latte vegan

Whether returning from a walk in the forest or just after taking a shower on the corner of the nose, I let you savor this gourmet drink to perfection!

Pumpkin Latte vegan

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