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Smoothie bowl, the power from the breakfast (balance of mid-course of the return)

n’en parlons pas (plus) . The return seems already far away, the summer (and the holidays) do not speak (more) . Soon we will advance our watches a damn hour … I know in advance that, inexorably like every year, I will rather badly live this change; I know I’m going to have the drone at the prospect of hibernating for 5 months, greumeuleu just thinking about it I’m already grumbling …

avec un smoothie bowl ultra vitaminé. To remedy this, I prepare a breakfast that gives me super powers (yes just that) with an ultra vitamin smoothie bowl. A what ? We knew the green smoothie that is drunk but kesaco a green smoothie bowl that is eaten with a spoon ?! Very trendy this year, the smoothie bowl will delight the followers of the breakfast green who like me like to vary the menus of the breakfast and to fill up with vitamins essential to keep the course of this autumn!

smoothie bowl

And precisely not to lose the thread of my return, I reread the list of my desires back. You know, this list that we draw each year, packed with our vacation, full of good resolutions and desires to take time to let go and blow without waiting for the next “great vacation” exotic, relaxing and déconnectantes.

A small assessment midway through the start can not hurt to lift the nose of the handlebars and remember all the simple pleasures that made us approach the back to the flower with the rifle and the smile on the lips.

In my pleasures of return, there was:

La Parisienne (check) et ELLE Run (ce week-end) ;Running La Parisienne (check) and ELLE Run (this weekend) ;

au concert de Benjamin Biolay (rien que pour le voir sur scène, ça valait la peine de rentrer de vacances, surtout quand vous réalisez fin Août que le concert a lieu en septembre et non en Novembre !) ; – Sing loudly in the totally groupie mode (I assume completely) at Benjamin Biolay’s concert (just to see him on stage, it was worth to come back from vacation, especially when you realize at the end of August that the concert takes place in September and not in November!) ;

: comme commencer un nouveau joli tricot et apprendre à réaliser une petite corbeille en crochet (oui je sais ça casse un peu l’image glamour, mais si vous expliquez à M. que cette activité vous rend totalement zen il trouvera ça tout de suite pas si ringard ou inutile qu’il aurait pu l’imaginer) au prochain salon Créations & Savoir-Faire (stay tuned comme chaque année, je vais bientôt vous faire gagner votre entrée gratuite) ;The desire to embark on new DIY projects : like starting a new nice knitting and learn to make a small basket crocheted (yes I know it breaks a little glamorous image, but if you explain to Mr. that this activity makes you totally zen he will find that right away not so old or useless as he could have imagined) at the next show Creations & Know-How (stay tuned as every year, I will soon earn you your free entry) ;

: un bimestriel qui a tout pour me plaire car il aborde des recettes sans gluten, végétariennes, au sucre naturel, sans protéine de lait et à indice glycémique bas !! – Discover the new magazine Healthy Food : a bimonthly that has everything to please me because it addresses gluten-free recipes, vegetarian, natural sugar, no milk protein and low glycemic index !! All healthy topics that interest me and that do not treat all so-called healthy cooking magazines. If like me you were disappointed by cooking magazines that had started on healthy cooking and over the numbers gradually fall into the junk food, you will be thrilled by this new kid! I already want to subscribe!

healthy food magazine

: – To launch in the good resolutions to alleviate your life and your days with the readings of :

  • Put your life away from Elise Delprat-Alvarez and Pauline Levasseur, whom I met personally, and who convinced me of his method: it is true that the Kondo method that made a lot of ink left me doubtful and I remained hermetic to the idea of ​​doing heaps. I was waiting and curious about another approach and it has had more impact on me even if “the site” is a pretty large scale and I have not finished, I take a pleasure unsuspected and unsuspected to put away !! There those who know my home sweet home will fall from their chair, sorry I should have warned you, I know, this news is a shock!
  • and the famous Miracle Morning whose media have been bugging you for months: I started reading the book on storage and if Miracle Morning is part of my re-entry list, I admit that the reading of Range your life has resulted in the purchase of large plastic boxes for storage of what I do not often use, sort, throw, give, sell, etc. So the apartment still looks like, for a moment, a big shambles! In short I am waiting for my sorting / storage is completed and the space is more zen before embarking on this famous morning routine that will change my life. You understand better now why I need an overstimulated breakfast?

So that you can make a point of advance of your list or simply to make yours, you need a big bowl of smoothie bowl! So here is his recipe!

smoothie bowl



10 min Preparation time 10 min

1 personnes Servings: 1 people

Magimix Blender for me
Cutting board
Paring knife
Mortar * I buy my ingredients online on the Kazidomi website which offers reductions of -20 to -50% on all healthy groceries and also cosmetics, cleaning products and baby, on annual subscription . With the code ABOCRO20, I offer you a discount of -20 €.

smoothie bowl

And you on your re-entry list, what was it?