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Strawberry-rhubarb syrup for lemonades or summer cocktails

Every summer, we have a festive meeting with my friends and a ritual to start the evening. At each edition, we start by enjoying a new cocktail of my own. I was well claimed acclaimed the white sangria of last year which was delicious, but here, on the one hand, I like to vary and test different recipes (we are creative culinary or we are not) and secondly , I do not put the hand on the great white sangria recipe (oops, does that mean that I’ll have to make new recipe creation tests?). And above all, it must be admitted, this year I had an idea of ​​strawberry-rhubarb syrup to marry champagne that was trotting in my head and made me waggle the taste buds in advance! In the game of “Hummm, it’s good, what is it? It took my friends to whistle several cups before finding the rhubarb-strawberry syrup! What got us right, well set in the mood of the evening! But be careful, it must be made clear that alcohol is to be consumed in moderation and occasionally for your health, especially if you drive. The best cocktail in the world is not worth it the last night of your life, right? There is also an excellent alternative to enjoy this summer syrup and your evening is to serve it with sparkling water for a refined and fragrant lemonade! We could even talk about mocktail (cocktail without alcohol) so trendy and so chic! To be served with fresh mint leaves, strawberry pieces and ice cubes, full of ice cubes! It’s also a nice homemade syrup recipe much healthier than the formulas of the trade (saturated with sugars and dyes various and varied) for your children! Hehe, not crazy wasp! So there is plenty of reason to have a bottle of this syrup in the cool, this summer! Peel the rhubarb, cut it into pieces and let it drain with the sugar in a colander (for a few hours to a night). Wash, wipe and cut the strawberries into pieces In a saucepan, heat the rhubarb, the pieces of strawberries with the lemon juice until obtaining a puree. Add water and cook over medium heat for 20 to 30 minutes after 1 minute to boiling. Filter the syrup and let it cool to room temperature. Keep it in the fridge in a glass bottle, until you can serve it in sparkling water or sparkling white sparkling wine or champagne (Caution: alcohol should be consumed in moderation) Strainer Cutting board Paring knife Kitchen scale Pan Funnel Glass bottle Juicers If you are lovers of homemade lemonade with summer perfumes I also recommend