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Sugar Added Dried Fruit Cake {Special Menu Supporter of Euro 2016 and Rio J.0}

2016 is a highly sporty year! If in France we are used to follow Roland-Garros in May-June and the Tour de France in July, this year will be the Euro 2016 and Rio Olympics! It promises so many evenings and hours to support his favorite team and his banner!

Of course, you will tell me, it depends on the relationship to the sport of each:

– There are the sportsmen who would not miss a match or a competition of their champion, well installed in their armchair with at hand the vital supply necessary for drink and food!
– And there are those who like the unifying enthusiasm of the big competitions but who still love to put on their sneakers and indulge in their regular sport session, just to take this shoot of endorphins exhilarating and energizing!

And at home, your “big” sportsman looks like what? And above all, what does it feed on?
pour qu’il ait toute l’énergie nécessaire pour suivre ce programme de compétitions à rallonge. Whether he belongs to the 1st or 2nd category, I have reserved for him a special Golden Supporter menu so that he has all the energy necessary to follow this program of extended competitions.
Juste avant les vacances et le maillot ça serait quand même dommage, non ? Knowing me, you can imagine that these are greedy and energizing AND healthy recipes – because we will have to take over all these long weeks of competition without taking 5 kilos due to crisps, beers and pizzas! … Just before the holidays and the jersey it would still be a pity, right?

And a few days before the launch of the Euro, I offer him a cake with dried fruits without added sugars other than the sugar of the fruits themselves!

Cake with dried fruit without added sugar

Perfect at any time of the day and for any activity, it quickly became addictive and every time I do it, its life is very limited!

dried fruit cake without added sugar



20 min Preparation time 20 min

1 h Cooking time 1 h

1 h 20 min Total time 1 h 20 min

8 personnes Servings: 8 people

  • If the dates are dry, soak them one night in a bowl of hot green tea. Core the moist or rehydrated dates and mash them with a little water (soaking green tea if you soaked them) in the small bowl of the robot-cut (the bowl of the Mini Plus from Magimix is ​​perfect for that).
  • Blanch the egg yolks until they become slightly foamy. Add the vegetable milk, vanilla and olive oil while continuing to beat gently. Add the mashed dates, mix everything and set aside. Add the whites to the snow and set aside. Preheat the oven to 210 ° C.
  • Cut the dried fruit all the same size and coat with flour (except a small handle to reserve side): this trick will prevent the dried fruit fall to the bottom of the mold.Concasser hazelnuts. Reserve a small side handle.
  • In the salad bowl mix the flour and the yeast. Add, mixing gently with the spatula, the mixture of egg yolks, snow whites and dried fruits and crushed hazelnuts. Avoid as much as possible not to “break” the whites too much.

  • Oil and flour the cake mold, pour the dough and sprinkle with the remaining hazelnuts and dried fruits.Enfourner for 10 minutes at 210 ° C to have a golden crust, then down to 160 ° C for 50 to 60 minutes depending on the oven.
  • To keep the cake soft, cover it with parchment paper halfway through cooking. In this case check the cooking with the blade of a dry knife and adjust according to the progress of cooking.

dried fruit cake without added sugar

2 medium sized cake molds
Kitchen Aid electric mixer or food processor for me
Robot-cutter type Magimix Auto Plus
Kitchen scale
Baking paper
Cutting board
Paring knife
Maryse or spatula

Sugar-free dried fruit cake adds

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