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Tangy Gaspacho with melon and tomato

No cloud on the horizon, live in a bathing suit, slip on your sneakers only to go to the market, take a nap, swim when it’s too hot, play with the children, take the time and remake the world in more beautiful with his friends and loved ones! And especially do not take the head in the kitchen but of course feast anyway! Every summer, I make ultra simple and fast cooking with a joker in my sleeve swimsuit , as a starter or aperitif: the creative gaspachos! This season, I started my series of summer And I continue on my way with a more original and amazing association: melon and tomato! You may not have thought about it yet, but this melon and tomato mix blends better than you might imagine at first, and will surprise your taste buds and your guests. It is a delicate combination that will please the sweet beaks, because the tip of raspberry vinegar reinforces the acidulous side of the whole. At the game of “what’s inside”, my guests had a little trouble finding all the ingredients! It’s up to you to test this recipe with your family and friends and see who wins! An aperitif game worthy of the best GO Club … or almost! I prepared it with a very perfumed melon from Haut-Poitou. I recently discovered (uncultivated I) that melons were growing in this area! I had stayed in the Charente, that’s saying. Especially since there is a IGP and it is delicious! gr de tomates pelées bio 600 gr of organic peeled tomatoes 1 CS d’huile d’olive 2 tablespoons of olive oil CS de vinaigre de framboise 1 CS of raspberry vinegar Salt pepper feuilles de Menthe fraîche Some fresh mint leaves Cut the melon and extract the flesh (removing the seeds) Pour in the blender melon flesh, peeled tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar and mint. Season with salt and pepper before blending. Leave to rest in the refrigerator to taste it fresh blender Pan Paring knife Cutting board Spoon If the melon and tomato mix is ​​to your liking, chances are you’ll also like my last summer’s and all my other recipes for gazpachos in section of the RECIPES section of the blog. Hyper simple and quick to achieve, do not go on vacation without taking them in your suitcases!